Our Approach

Talcott Franklin P.C. was founded on and remains true to a new model. Our principals are simple, and in this order of priority: Enjoy work. Do work that benefits society. Hopefully make some money. Every new matter, every new client, every new lawyer, and every new initiative is evaluated based on our principles.

We are not all things to all people

We find niches, learn them better than anyone else, and leverage our experience. We do not take matters outside our core competence. As a result, we are able to work more efficiently than other firms.

We believe in every matter we take

We only take work from clients we like, and we only take cases we believe in. We don’t compromise our values. Our passion for the values we share with our clients comes through in our work. It also virtually eliminates conflicts of interest.

No associates

We have dispensed with the time-consuming exercise of supervising and training associates. We have only experienced professionals. Our professionals have all worked in house or in government, in addition to private law firm practice.

Transparent and fair compensation

Those who perform the work are generously compensated based on their performance. Attorneys without their own book of business are not exploited. They typically find themselves making more money than they would at a large firm. Firm revenue and attribution is formula-based, entirely transparent, and fully comprehensible.

Work from home

Because our firm consists of only experienced professionals, over-the-shoulder supervision is not required. Our professionals are allowed to work from home. This is better for the environment and eliminates commutes to an office. It also allows our professionals to share precious and sometimes unexpected moments with their family.

The Texas Lawyer’s Creed

We adhere to The Texas Lawyer’s Creed. All parts of The Creed are important, but the section that provides us with the most efficiency involves work with opposing counsel:

A lawyer owes to opposing counsel, in the conduct of legal transactions and the pursuit of litigation, courtesy, candor, cooperation, and scrupulous observance of all agreements and mutual understandings. Ill feelings between clients shall not influence a lawyer’s conduct, attitude, or demeanor toward opposing counsel. A lawyer shall not engage in unprofessional conduct in retaliation against other unprofessional conduct.

Personal battles between attorneys increase legal bills and impede settlement. Our relations with opposing counsel are almost always positive, which benefits our clients and improves our enjoyment of the practice of law.

Not for Everyone

Not everyone can be successful in this environment. If you are not self-motivated and focused, you will not be successful here. If you fear technology or lack basic typing skills, you will find the transition to this firm difficult. If you have a history of not getting along with your colleagues or of antagonistic departures from prior employers, we do not want you here. If you are materialistic and selfish, you will not find companions in those endeavors at our firm. If your top priority is making as much money as possible as fast as possible, this is the wrong firm for you: we will never be a firm that slaps together hundreds of complaints and hope some survive a motion to dismiss so a settlement can be extracted. We take pride in filing complaints that are detailed, nuanced, and well-crafted. That for us is its own reward.

Nor will we be a firm that creates leverage by employing scores of inexperienced attorneys. Our leverage is our experience in our niche areas. We hire only accomplished individuals. Our lawyers generally graduated law school with honors and served on law review. They then went on to distinguished careers in government, corporate legal departments, academia, and/or law firm practice. They contribute to scholarly publications at least once a year. They study and track developments in our core areas. They were recruited because they have prior experience that bolsters our core competence.

Savor the Journey

In many environments, law is a business and not a profession. The work is not necessarily enjoyable; it is simply a means to an end. Many lawyers in that model find themselves on certain treadmills, either by seeking satisfaction through a spend-and-consume lifestyle or by lacking the time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. We turn the current model on its head: the work is enjoyable; it is an end in itself. And we hope that maybe, just maybe, we’ll make some money along the way. Join us in savoring the journey.

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