Why hire Talcott Franklin P.C.?

We practice only in our core areas, we don’t need time to “get up to speed” on the documents or the issues. We are the sensible choice for your legal needs in Securities Litigation.

As former in-house and/or government attorneys, we have first-hand experience at being a client.  That means we understand the client perspective, and we have procedures in place to provide the best client experience possible.

Fee Guaranty

The Firm believes that you have a right to obtain service and value commensurate with our fees. We both agree that fee disputes are not productive to effective representation. Therefore, if you are ever dissatisfied with the amount of a Firm invoice for any reason, you should email the attorney responsible for performing your services that you are dissatisfied with the invoice, and subsequently call the Firm and let the Firm know what you believe the services for that invoice were worth and what you believe is a fair charge for those services. If you have sent the above-referenced email within 30 days of receipt of the invoice, then the Firm will cancel the sent invoice and re-issue an invoice in the amount that you deem appropriate. This guaranty of satisfaction does not apply to invoices outstanding for more than 30 days or to invoices already paid, and you agree that in those circumstances, the Firm’s invoice accurately reflects the value of the Firm’s services, and you will not subsequently dispute the value of services received for the amount of the invoice.

In receiving this fee guaranty, you acknowledge that the Firm should be treated fairly in terms of compensation. Therefore, in the event you exercise the fee guaranty, the Firm may, if it so chooses, withdraw from representing you, so long as such withdrawal comports with any applicable ethical guidelines or court requirements. In this circumstance, the Firm will return to you or the counsel of your choosing any files belonging to you related to the representation.


We also understand that our clients need and deserve immediate responses to their questions, so we provide clients our cell phone numbers or forward all calls to our cell phones when we are away from our desk phones.


We don’t seek to be all things to all people. We take matters only in our areas of core competence, and refer other matters to attorneys better suited to handle them.


We take matters we believe in. Our passion for the values we share with our clients comes through in our work. It also virtually eliminates conflicts of interest.


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