Sometimes, your cases require graphics, artwork, audio, and video services, capabilities that we have in-house. This can result in tremendous savings for you as a client, because there is no need to involve a separate graphic design firm or deal with the inevitable communication issues that arise when “art” and
“law” collide


Everyone has heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, so what is the value of a picture with words? Sometimes, it’s the best way to make your point.


Web Image Design

TFPC Branding

Logo Design, Stationary, Business Cards, Envelopes

STOP Ad Design

Advertisement for Survivor Stick training

STOP - Get Involved Ad

STOP Survivor Stick Training Ad

S/HE - Brother 2 Brother logo

Logo Design


Business Cards


Logo Design


Video is a powerful communication medium. Video is extremely effective for information delivery, making a prime educational tool or simply spreading the word about your firm. Videos serve as alternatives to other methods of communication, and are approximately 5x more effective than graphics. Get a quote today!

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Job Interview: Sexual Assault

Preview: CLE Judge Goodwin

Preview: CLE Judge Chambers

Preview: CLE Family Law

Preview: CLE Lawyers' Guide

Case Study: Wells v. LaSalle OK MIL

Case Study: LaSalle v. ML MI

Case Study: Knights of Columbus

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