“Attorney Talcott Franklin knows mortgage-backed securities inside and out…”

“…His firm, Talcott Franklin P.C. whose main offices are in Dallas, represents, or has represented, a significant percentage of all investors in mortgage-backed securities worldwide. He also wrote the book on mortgage-backed securities. He is co-author of the “Mortgage and Asset-backed Securities Litigation Handbook,” and he’s a very experienced and highly sophisticated litigator.” – From “The World of the Investor with Attorney Talcott Franklin” – Mandelman Matters

Talcott Franklin Professional Corporation (P.C.) pursues investor rights in securitization transactions and assists businesses and individuals with intellectual asset protection, with the exception of patent prosecution.

Talcott Franklin P.C. is comprised only of seasoned professionals chosen for their expertise in particular aspects of law and business related to our core practice areas: securitization remediation, insurance recovery, intellectual asset protection, education and trust & estate planning.

Talcott Franklin P.C. is a “boutique” law firm. A boutique firm offers the sophistication and know-how of a large “white shoe” or major market law firm, but without the over-head . Our lawyers are licensed in over 10 states.


The firm has attorneys actively licensed in DC, KS, GA, MI, MD, MO, NC, NY, TX, VA, WV. Attorneys hold inactive licenses in CA, MN, and SC.

Talcott Franklin P.C. in the News

Dealing with troubled properties

April 19, 2016. Shannon Conway from our Dallas office joined Kerry Ivers from the City of Irondequoit, NY for a presentation to the New York Planning Federation Conference on April 19th to address the subject of distressed properties and how local governments can band together to address the problem. See the presentation materials here

Talcott Franklin P.C. Opens North Carolina Office

Financial crisis litigation boutique law firm Talcott Franklin P.C. announced today the opening of a North Carolina office.

Mortgage Investors Target Banks Using Clearing House

Mortgage securities have been among the largest sources of the $1.8 trillion of writedowns and credit losses suffered by the world’s biggest financial companies since the start of 2007, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

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